Check the Balance of Your Cards on the Official Websites

Ensure you have the correct balance before making a sale by checking your card's balance on the official websites of each franchise and authorized distributors. Rest assured, your data is kept safe as we do not store any personal or card information. For more details, please check our terms and conditions.

Guide to Checking Your Gift Card Balance

Welcome to our guide for safely and efficiently checking the balance of your gift cards.

Why Check Your Balance?

Steps to Check Your Balance

  1. Identify the card issuer: Find the name of the store or service that issued your gift card.
  2. Look for the official site: Access the official website of the issuer for balance inquiries.
  3. Prepare your card: Have your card ready; you will need the card number and possibly a PIN.
  4. Enter the information: On the official site, find the option to check balance and enter the required details.
  5. Verify the balance: The available balance will be displayed on the screen after entering the information.


Gift cards are a convenient and flexible way to shop or give as gifts. Follow these steps to manage your gift cards securely and confidently.