Everything About Gift Cards in One Place

At 689.lv, we simplify your gift card experience by providing a comprehensive guide with links to the main official and authorized sites for buying, selling, and checking balances of gift cards. Whether you're looking to purchase a new gift card, sell an unused one, or simply check the remaining balance on your existing card, we've got you covered.

Best Places to Buy Gift Cards

Discover the best places to purchase gift cards. These official sites offer a variety of options for different stores and brands:

Main Brands for Checking Balance

Easily check the balance of your gift cards from these major brands using the secure links provided:

Top Sites to Sell Gift Cards and Buy at a Discount

Looking to sell your gift cards or buy them at a discount? We’ve compiled a list of the best websites where you can sell your gift cards and find great deals on a variety of brands:

Before selling your gift card, we recommend checking its balance to ensure you get the best value. Below are links to secure balance check pages:

What is a Gift Card?

A gift card is a prepaid payment method that can be used as an alternative to cash for purchases at specific stores or groups of stores. These cards come in both physical and digital forms and typically feature a unique code that is used at the time of purchase.

Proper Use of Gift Cards

To get the most out of your gift card, follow these guidelines:

Top Gift Cards Used Internationally

Gift cards are a popular choice for gifts and personal use around the world. Some of the most widely used gift cards internationally include those from major brands and retailers. These cards offer convenience and flexibility, making them a favorite for many.